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PACKAGE: Booklet of 36 strips
UNIT PRICE = € 5.95


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Using only the precious petals of Rosa damascena from Isfahan and Shanaz (Iran), the illustrious French perfumier of Armenian descent, Francis Kurkdjian, has created a new Rose-scented paper for French perfumers perfumers Papier d'Arm`nie. An extraordinary product that's burned to release the unique fumes of one of the noblest, most sought-after and appreciated fragrances ever devised by humanity.
This exceptional rose-based "olfactive diptych" has a seductive, fruity note with a subtle, honeyish undertone: the result of a skilled process of "enfleurage".
The olfactive atmosphere created when the paper is burned is indubitably Oriental in inspiration.

Persia has always been the country of roses, whose cultivation in this country is an art and a tradition that goes back centuries. As a symbol, the rose embodies both the feminine and the divine, as attested by the thousands of references to this flower in Iranian poetry.

The precious natural fragrance of rose that's given off by Papier à la Rose de Perse can be enjoyed even without burning it: leave a strip or two in a wardrobe, shoe rack, chest of drawers or closet, and everything that's inside will be pleasantly suffused with the perfume for months afterwards.

The medicinal properties of the rose (an excellent natural anti-inflammatory) have been celebrated since Antiquity, and although it's rarely used today, it played an essential role in herbal medicine down the Middle Ages (consider, for example, Avicenna's treatise on medicine).

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