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INCI: Artemisia pallens
CAS: 8016-03-3
EINECS:  295-155-6
Flavouring according to EC regulation 1334/2008

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Artemisia pallens (Asteracee)

Origin: India

Also known as "Marathi" the Davana is an aromatic herb found in India (especially Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu). It's generally found growing in the vicinity of Sandalwood trees. Davana is a species of the Artemisia genus with leaves with a downy white underside, a characteristic that gives the plant its silver-grey appearance. The yellow, highly scented flowers grow in racemose panicles.


The essential oil is extracted by steam distillation of the leaves and flower tops. A viscous, dark orange colour, it gives off a rich and very distinctive woody, fruity fragrance which is sometimes reminiscent of apricot. It combines well with the essential oils of Bergamot, Laurel, Lavender, Lemon, Mint, Neroli, Orange, Sage and Tea tree.

(according to
popular herbalist tradition)

In India, Davana flowers are traditionally used in the garlands and floral decorations offered by the followers of Shiva, the deity of transformation.
Essential oil of Davana has long been used on the Indian subcontinent. Found in many of the preparations used in Ayurvedic medicine, davana has a medicinal tradition as vast as it is old, thanks to its anti-helminthic, aphrodisiac, relaxing, tonic and anti-depressant properties. It's especially effective in the treatment of skin infections, and is still used as a traditional remedy for wounds infected by tetanus.
Also considered a natural stimulant of the endocrine system, Davana is also believed to make the skin smoother and cleaner.
Davana essential oil is totally non-toxic but may be slightly irritant for some people: it's advisable always to dissolve it in almond or sesame oil before application.
It's also an effective anti-septic when used with a diffuser.

When applied to the skin, essential oil of Davana can give off different nuances of scent depending on the wearer. This peculiarity makes it especially prized in high-end and bespoke perfumes.

Essential oil of Davana has many other applications: in cosmetics (bath creams and oils), designer perfumes (woody and fruity compositions), in confectionery and even as an aromatic agent in tobacco.

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