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INCI: Perfume
Note type: FLORAL, WARM

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Originally from China and Japan, Osmanthus is also known as sweet olive.
It is an evergreen tree of the Oleaceae family and can grow to a height of twenty metres. Osmanthus is typically grown as an ornamental plant in the gardens of the historic villas that overlook the lakes in the Italian region of Lombardy. It has dark green, oblong leaves, blue fruit and small, highly fragrant flowers that blossom in early autumn. The fragrance is delicate but very intense, reminiscent of gardenia for some people, while for others it brings to mind the aroma of freshly baked cake. It's a particularly noticeable scent, as few flowers bloom so late in the year.


No natural essential oil is extracted from Osmanthus blossom; therefore, what few oils are commercially available are perfumers' reconstitutions.
The only natural oil obtained from the flowers of the plant is an absolute obtained via solvent extraction; but this is an exceptionally rare and costly substance, and quite useless as a consumer product (at present it is made by only one French laboratory, as an ingredient for rare perfumes).

Our Osmanthus essence is a fine fragrance that's highly appreciated for its rich floral note that accurately captures the scent released by the autumn flowers. It's used in perfumes with warm, floral notes, in cosmetics and in soaps.

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