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A perennial shrub that's diffuse in Europe, north Africa and southeast Asia, with stems that grow to a length of three metres, barbed thorns and small, ovate, serrate, dark green leaves (many of which survive through the winter).
The flowers are white or pink, and appear in spring and early summer.
In Italy, the (edible) fruit is ripe between July and September. It's comprised of bunched drupelets that are green at first and turn first red then blackish as they ripen; their flavour varies between sweet and acidic.
The wild blackberry is considered an invasive species in that it spreads rapidly and is difficult to eradicate: neither felling nor burning efficiently eliminate it.


No essential oil is obtained from the blackberry. All commercially available oils are laboratory reproductions.
Our wild blackberry oil has an extremely pleasant and lingering sweet note with an acidic undertone that's mildly evocative of ripe bramble; it's used in fine fragrances (compositions with a fruity, woodland note), cosmetics and niche soaps.

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