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INCI: Cymbopogon martinî
CAS: 8014-19-5
EINECS:  283-461-2
Flavouring according to EC regulation 1334/2008

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Cymbopogon martinî (Poacee)

Origin: Brazil

Also known as Indian geranium, palmarosa is a wild grass with long leaf-stems terminating in flowers. The leaves are highly fragrant. Originally found in the region of India and Pakistan, it now grows in Brazil, Africa, Indonesia and the Comoros.


The main constituent of the essential oil is geraniol. It's obtained by steam distillation of the leaves, and is a pale yellow liquid with a sweet, floral, rosy odour. It combines well with the essential oils of Citron, Geranium, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Ylang-ylang, all floral oils (especially Rose) and Oakmoss absolute.

(according to
popular herbalist tradition)

Essential oil of palmarosa is non-toxic and non-irritating, and has bactericide, stimulant, tonic and insect-repellent properties. For best results as an insect repellent, it should be used with a diffuser.
A soothing remedy for acne and dermatitis, essential oil of palmarosa is an effective natural cosmetic due to its sebo-regulating properties; it's also useful for treating cuts, sores and wrinkles.
It should preferably be dissolved in almond (or sesame) oil before use, as it can irritate sensitive skins.

It's widely used in the manufacture of soaps, cosmetics and perfumes for its exceptional tenacity.
In the past, it was the product of choice for adulterating the far more expensive essential oil of rose.

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