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INCI: Perfume
Note type: WOODY, STRAW

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Originally found in the eastern Mediterranean basin, Papyrus is a perennial wetland sedge with tall green stems that can grow to a height of five metres. The flowers radiate in clusters from the tip of the stems.
Papyrus is grown all over the world as an ornamental plant.


No natural essential oil is extracted from the papyrus plant; our Egyptian Papyrus oil is our own imitation of the scent that emanates from unrolling old Papyrus, the writing material made from the pith taken from the stems of the plant (which in ancient Egypt, the pith was cut into strips which were laid on top of one another and pressed to have the equivalent of a modern paper sheet that was proper for writing on).
Its characteristic and remote note, resembles the scent of sublime ancient atmospheres.

It's occasionally used in perfumes and cosmetics.

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