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INCI: Acorus calamus
CAS: 8015-79-0
EINECS:  283-869-0

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Acorus calamus (Aracee)

Origin: Korea

Also know as sweet flag, the calamus is an aquatic plant that's aromatic in all its parts. Reed-like in appearance, it has sabre-shaped leaves and small, greenish-yellow flowers.
It grows to a height of one metre and is found on the edge of lakes and riverbanks. Originally from India, it grows in abundance in Russia - including Siberia, in lesser quantities - China and the Balkan peninsula.


The essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the rhizomes. It is a slightly viscous, opalescent yellow-brown liquid, with a warm, spicy and woody fragrance. It combines well with the essential oils of Cinnamon, Citron, Frankincense, Labdanum, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Ylang-ylang.

(according to
popular herbalist tradition)

Essential oil of calamus is toxic, and has no aromatherapeutic properties. An anti-septic and insecticide, it is used in fragrances for soaps, detergents and perfumes with a woody, Oriental note. The use of this classic aromatic (and all its derivatives) in foods is prohibited.

Calamus is widely used in cosmetics and in perfumes with woody, leathery notes.

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