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INCI: Gaultheria procumbens
CAS: 68917-75-9
EINECS:  289-888-0
Flavouring according to EC regulation 1334/2008

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Gaultheria procumbens (Ericacee)

Origin: U.S.A.

Also known as mountain tea, Gaultheria procumbens is native to North America, where it grows spontaneously. It is a small evergreen herbaceous plant that grows to a height of fifteen centimetres. It has leathery, serrate, oval leaves and pendulous white flowers.


The essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the leaves after they have been steeped in hot water. It is a transparent, light yellow liquid with a powerful, balmy-woody fragrance with a medicinal undertone. It combines well with the essential oils of Mint, Oregano, Red thyme and Ylang-ylang.

(according to
popular herbalist tradition)

Essential oil of wintergreen is exclusively produced in the US and has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It is toxic and irritating, and should be used with caution or under medical supervision.

It's used (mainly in the US) as an aromatic agent in toothpastes, chewing gum and soft drinks, including Coca Cola. It's occasionally used as a fragrance component in perfumes with a woodland fragrance.

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