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The elder is a large shrub that can grow to a height of six metres. It's found throughout Europe, north Africa and western Asia, especially in country hedgerows, hillside woods, near farmhouses, and on the periphery of cities, where it's a throwback to the spontaneous vegetation of old.
It has lanceolate leaves with serrate margins.
It blooms in late spring, with small, fragrant whitish flowers which later yield purple-black berries.


No essential oil made of elder blossom is commercially available. Our essence is a laboratory reconstitution.
Our elderflower oil has a pleasant, floral fragrance that's probably unique of its kind, with a crisp, fresh note and an undertone of pyrethrum that's evocative of the natural scent released by the buds in early summer.

It's used in perfumes, cosmetics and soaps.

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