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Originally from northern China (where it still grows wild) the Peach tree is now grown in many temperate regions for ornamental purposes or for its fruit. It grows to a height of eight metres and has reddish-brown branches, lanceolate leaves and pink flowers which blossom in spring. The fruit has a velvety skin and sweet, aromatic flesh.


The seed is pressed to yield a fatty oil with cosmetic properties which are very similar to those of Sweet almond oil. No essential oil has been effectively extracted from the Peach, and therefore all commercially available oils are synthetic imitations.
Our Peach oil is the result of intensive laboratory research and is appreciated for its bold fruity note which is identical to the fragrance released by the skin of the freshly picked fruit.

It's used in perfumes with summery/fruity fragrance compositions, in cosmetics and in niche soaps.

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