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Also known as "Pawpaw" and originally found in Mexico, the Papaya plant is cultivated in all hot countries and can grown to a height of ten metres. It has a cylindrical trunk surmounted by a large crown of long-petioled leaves which are vaguely similar to those of the fig (a near relative). The flowers are male or female. The male flower is small and green and grows in clusters; the female is larger, and grows in groups of two or three blossoms from the upper part of the trunk.
The edible fruit can weigh as much as ten kilograms, and is yellow-green when ripe.


No natural essential oil is extracted from the Papaya; any such oil you see on sale is therefore a laboratory reconstitution.
Our well-known Papaya oil releases a fresh and intensely fruit, tropical note that's very summery and persistent.
It's excellent as a fragrance for bath products, and is also used in perfumes and cosmetics.

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