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Musk is a secretion used to attract the opposite sex from the scent gland of the Siberian Asian deer (Moschus moschiferus).
In appearance, this secretion is a greasy brown mass with a strong, penetrating odour.
Its use over the centuries as a general stimulant, its "animal" smell have contributed to its reputation as a "...powerful aphrodisiac which bestows on its wearers a sense of bravery and self-confidence".


No oil directly derived from natural Musk is available commercially; therefore all Musk oils available on the market are laboratory reconstitutions. Our White musk oil is based on a reconstituted musk fragrance. It has a very distinctive, vaguely Oriental, talcum fragrance that's subtle but exceptionally, persistent. No other perfume is even remotely similar to it. When used as an ambient fragrance, White musk gives the atmosphere an unmistakably "enchanted" edge. It's best used for these purposes via a diffuser.

Natural musk is excellent as a stabilizer and a fixative.
An elegant and refined personal scent, it's used in all kinds of perfumes and cosmetics.

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