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The apple tree is native to Europe and the Near East. It now grows all over the world in many different varieties, all of which derive from the wild apple.
The apple tree can grow to a height of ten metres, and has shiny, red-brown branches and alternate, ovate leaves with serrate margins which are dark green on the upper side and whitish on the lower side. The flowers have five petals, white inside and tending to pink on the edges; the fruit is a flattened sphere whose exact shape, size, colour and flavour change from one variety to another.


No essential oil is obtained from the apple; therefore all commercially available oils are laboratory reconstitutions.

Our green apple oil is an essence with a superlatively fresh, fruity-green note with all the vivacious scent of a slightly under-ripe apple. It's ideal for scenting neutral bath products and as an ambient deodorant, especially when used with a diffuser.

Itís also used in perfumes, cosmetics and designer soaps.

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