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An annual (or perennial) plant originally from Europe. Its name derives from the Latin "Malva", meaning "soft". It grows to a height of one metre, and has alternate, hairy leaves and lilac-pink flowers.
Many species of mallow provide fibre for use in the textiles (e.g. cotton) industry.


Mallow has long featured in the popular pharmacopeia for its refreshing and soothing properties, a result of its high mucilage content (used in the preparation of infusions, potions, compresses etc.); however, is not possible to extract essential oil of mallow to commercialize. Our essence is a creative "interpretation" formulated in the laboratory: it's a lively, effervescent fragrance with a superlatively fresh note that evokes the properties that for centuries have made Mallow one of the most familiar non-food plants.
With its absolutely unique fragrance, it makes a highly agreeable personal scent.

It's also used in perfumes and cosmetics (especially neutral bath products).

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