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Originally from Syria, hyacinth is one of the most highly prized bulbous plants. It has fragrant, bell-shaped blossoms which come in various colours, and shiny, lanceolate leaves. It is mainly cultivated in the Netherlands and France.


Solvent extraction of the fresh flowers yields a concrete (the base ingredient of our reconstituted fragrance) with anti-septic, hypnotic, sedative and styptic properties. It also has mildly balsamic properties. The fragrance is fresh, floral, and vaguely sweet. Combines well with Jasmine, Narcissus, Neroli, Violet and Ylang-ylang oils.
Excellent for soothing the effects of stress and nervous tension and as a traditional adjuvant in self-hypnosis techniques.
In Greece, the fragrance of hyacinth has long been considered "refreshing and restorative for tired minds".

Our hyacinth essence is used in fine fragrances, especially as an Oriental or floral note.

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