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Originally from China and northern India, Jasmine can now be found all over the Mediterranean, where its many varieties are cultivated for ornamental purposes.
An evergreen climbing plant, jasmine has delicate, shiny green leaves and white, star-shaped, heavily-perfumed flowers.
Jasmine has a long tradition as a herbal remedy both in the West and the East.
Its dried flowers are used in the preparation of infusions.


The concrete is obtained by solvent extraction of the fresh flowers. One tonne of flowers yields a little over 500 gr. Of the precious concrete, a dark orange waxy substance with a distinctive and intense fragrance that's sweet, floral, warm and heady, with an undertone of tea that has the remarkable property of softening the other, harsher notes when used in composition. It combines well with the essential oils of Clary sage, Rose, Sandalwood and citruses.


Costly and totally non-toxic, Jasmine concrete essence (the base ingredient of our renowned oil) has aphrodisiac, sedative, carminative and cicatrizing properties, and is a mild analgesic.
It is an excellent remedy for dry and/or irritated skin, although not many people can afford to use it on a regular basis.
In Antiquity, Jasmine essence was widely prescribed as a cure for depression and stress due to its ability to "…induce a pervasive sensation of optimism, safety and euphoria… banishing apathy, indifference and listlessness".

This extraordinary natural substance (as well as our jasmine oil) is typically used as an ingredient in floral compositions for fine fragrances in cosmetics and perfumes.

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