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Originally from India and China, also known in eastern countries as "Malabar Jasmine".
A shrub, it has dark, glossy, leathery leaves and grows to a height of two metres.
Gardenia is grown as an ornamental plant and has fragrant white flowers that in many part of Asia are often used for flavouring tea.


Gardenia yields an absolute oil through solvent extraction of the fresh flowers. This oil is yellow, with a rich, sweet, floral scent that's reminiscent of jasmine. It has anti-septic and aphrodisiac properties.
It combines well with Jasmine, Neroli, Rose, Tuberose and Ylang-ylang oils, and generally with any spicy or citrus oil.

Since the natural substance is prohibitively expensive to produce, commercial gardenia oil is always synthetic.
Our essence is a fine fragrance with a powerful scent and is occasionally used in cosmetics.

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