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Originally found in tropical regions, this plant takes its name from Muzio Frangipane, a Roman nobleman credited with the formulation of one of the most famous perfumes of the Middle Ages.
The story goes that Frangipani concocted his fragrance from the flowers of a variety of Plumeria that had been extinct for centuries, and was said to emanate a delicious fragrance that was even more intense than Jasmine or Tuberose.
Frangipani is a tree with large and fragrant flowers of a distinctive orangey hue (white is found too) which blossom all year round.
The flowers contain a poisonous sap.


Real frangipani essence is almost impossible to find nowadays, and is prohibitively expensive to produce. We have been producing Frangipani oil for decades. Ours is a laboratory reconstruction, a concentrated oil based on extensive research.

It has a distinctive floral-fruity note which is used in perfumes and occasionally cosmetics, especially for creating a blossom note with an exotic undertone.

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