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The Lotus grows in standing water in temperate and subtropical regions. It is an aquatic plant with large, blue-green leaves with a waxy appearance; these leaves can reach a diameter of sixty centimetres and rise over a metre above the surface level of the water. The flowers are large and very showy, and give off a distinctive fragrance of anise; they can be pink, red, yellow or white.
The Lotus (of which there are over a hundred species) is a recurrent symbol in the iconography of Buddhism and Hinduism, where it represent perfection, beauty, fertility and wholeness.
Certain species of Lotus can be found in Italy.


The only natural oil obtained from the Lotus flowers is a solvent-extracted absolute, a unstable and highly viscous fluid with a bitter, almost bituminous odour. Natural Lotus flower oil is extremely rare, very costly and - in its natural state - unusable by end consumers (at present only a few French laboratories produce it to order for pharmaceutical use).
Commercially available Lotus flower oils, therefore, are laboratory reproductions.

Our Lotus flower oil has a hot and seductive Oriental note that's extremely pleasant and absolutely characteristic.

It's used in perfumes, cosmetics and occasionally in high-end soaps.

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