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The fern is a class of herbaceous and arboreal plants commonly found in shady places. The leaves are divided into sterile (trophophylls) and fertile (sporophylls).
Ferns are pteridophytes, i.e. plants with no flowers, fruit or seeds. These plants baffled biologists for centuries, as no one could understand how they managed to reproduce. Not until 1850 did a German bookseller crack the enigma, after observing the spores by which the plant reproduced on the underside of its leaves.
There are many genera of fern, all with broadly similar characteristics.


No natural oil is obtained from the fern; therefore, all fern oils are laboratory creations. Our fern oil is an essence with a very crisp woody-woodland note that's persistent and quite unique, and is excellent for use in male fragrances.

Itís used in perfumes (in compositions for male fragrances) and in cosmetics.

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