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A small evergreen tree originally found in the tropical regions of the Americas, Theobroma cacao grows in the area between 20° north and 20° south.
It grows to a height of nine metres and is often cultivated in the shade of other plants. The highly abundant flowers grow directly from the trunk and the principal branches, but only very few flowers turn into fruit. The fruit (called "Cacao pod") is large and elongated (it can reach a length of thirty centimetres), ochre-yellow in colour, and contains up to fifty beans.
Many varieties are grown for the beans found inside the pods, which when roasted and ground forms cocoa used in cake making and to produce cocoa butter.
Its name literally means "food of the gods".


No essential oil is yielded either by chocolate or cocoa. Our Chocolate Oil is a composite of various ingredients (some of which are contained in natural cacao) including drug tincture. The result is an amazingly accurate reproduction of the enticing fragrance of a freshly unwrapped milk chocolate bar.

Ideal for adding an original touch of scent to bath products and air fresheners (using a diffuser).

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