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Also known as "Woodbine", honeysuckle originally grew in the submontane regions of southern Europe.
Its habitat of choice is brushwood.
Honeysuckle is a vigorous evergreen climbing vine that can grow to a height of four metres. It has bright green ovate leaves and large, pinkish-white flowers that are highly scented, especially at night.
It's widely grown for ornamental purposes but has a tendency to become invasive.


The leaves of the honeysuckle make a pleasant infusion. They also have anti-inflammatory and cicatrizing properties.

No natural essential oil is extracted from honeysuckle; any such oil you see on sale is therefore of synthetic origin.
Talia's Honeysuckle oil is a pleasant reconstruction of the nocturnal fragrance given off by the plant in its woodland habitat.
Its fresh and lingering floral scent is highly distinctive.
It's ideal for scenting bath products and as an ambient deodorant, when used with a diffuser.

It's also used in perfumes, cosmetics and designer soaps.

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