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White in the Spring (flowering) and red in autumn (fructification), Hawthorn is a long-lived Rosacea that grows preferably in brush.
Native to Europe, it is also found in North Africa and in North America, while it is completely absent in the Southern Hemisphere.
It is an impressive, many-branched shrub that can grow up to six metres high; it has thorny branches (the young ones), oval leaves and characteristic pink-white flowers in clusters. The red-brown fruits are actually false fruits that contain the real fruit in their pulp in the form of a pit.
The infusion of the flowers and the decoction of the fruits have for centuries been herbal remedies indicated to counteract insomnia and water retention, respectively.


As is known, there is no natural essential oil actually extracted from Hawthorn hence the essences found on the market are - without exception - compositions created by perfumers.
Our fragrance is a tenacious and appreciated high perfumery floral composition whose note most likely traces back to the intriguing olfactory atmosphere emanated from the plant in bloom: a typical Spring atmosphere that is easy to replicate in the home by diffusing this Hawthorn concentrated oil using a diffuser.
It is used to create rich floral notes for perfumes, cosmetics and soaps.

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