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Acacia is a shrub or tree found in the tropical and subtropical regions - especially the African savannah and Australian outback - with bushy, sometimes thorny foliage.
Frequently cultivated for ornamental purposes, it's a graceful tree, similar to mimosa, that can grow to a height of twelve metres. Its leaves are bipinnate and its fragrant yellow flowers grow in clusters.


Essential oil of acacia can be obtained via solvent extraction of the flowers, although it is no longer commercially produced. Nearly all commercially available acacia oils, including ours, are reconstituted versions.
Acacia essence combines excellently with the oils of Bergamot, Elemi, Frankincense, Mimosa, Ylang-ylang and Violet.

(according to
popular herbalist tradition)

Acacia bark has a high tannin content and is traditionally used for preparing natural mouthwashes and as a natural remedy for diarrhea. The many acacia varieties also produce timber, gum arabic and fibre.
The now impossible-to-find natural essential oil of acacia is totally non-toxic and has anti-septic, astringent properties.

Our acacia oil is a reconstituted fine fragrance that's prized for its rich, warm floral notes; it's widely used in perfumes (especially colognes in the floral and oriental groups) and in soaps.

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