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PACKAGING: 100 ml. AL bottle
The traditional natural cosmetic of the indians of America
UNIT PRICE = € 13.40


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Simmondsia chinensis

Jojoba Oil's extraordinary ease of absorption combined with its great stability makes it a truly excellent product among cosmetic oils. Therefore it is not a simple vegetable oil to be used exclusively to counteract stretch marks. Jojoba Oil boasts genuine tricological properties. When used on the scalp, it helps free hair follicles blocked by sebum given its natural tendency to incorporate said sebum. And thanks to its permeability, hair also become visibly shinier and easier to comb subsequent to use. Thanks to these valuable characteristics, it is widely used to make high class shampoos and conditioners. Even if it is recommended to be used within three years of the production date, this oil never turns rancid insomuch as it is a polyglyceride (i.e. a genuine liquid wax).

The special pickled aluminium bottle is internally protected and hermetically sealed using the “safeguard” technique in order to guarantee total intactness (as per current legislation). And this specific container allows the product to keep perfectly so that it is as if it were just pressed when you use it.

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