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PACKAGING: 13,5 ml. bottle
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Grey Amber is the name given to a greyish, highly pungent substance that accumulates in the intestine of the sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus).
The sperm whale feeds on cephalopod molluscs, whose hard beaks are indigestible and can inflame the gut of their predator; therefore the whale's intestine secretes an absorbent substance which rapidly hardens around the beak, cushioning the intestine against irritation. This substance is ambergris.
When fresh, ambergris is black and has an unpleasant odour.Once dried in the sun, it turns grey and gains a waxy consistency and a delicious fragrance that's vaguely reminiscent of tobacco. Grey Amber is found washed up on beaches from the the Molucca Islands to Madagascar, often after drifting for months on the surface of the Indian Ocean.
It's one of the most highly prized of the "animalic" scents.
Grey Amber (or Ambergris) is also prized for the strong and distinctive musky odour it releases when burned.
The most significant property of ambergris is as a fixative, and it is still used, in natural or synthetic form, as the base of many perfumes.
The hunting of sperm whales has been banned for many years, and ambergris - which was already hard to find - has now become even rarer. It can now be obtained only from beached whales or in the random lumps that wash up on the coastline.
The scarcity of the natural product combined with growing demand from the perfumes industry has intensified research into synthetic or semi-synthetic alternatives.


Our Grey Amber oil is ochre-yellow in colour with an intensely sweet and musky fragrance that's warm and Oriental and exceptionally persistent. Reconstituted from the precious ingredients present in natural ambergris, it smells exactly like the real thing when dried.

An excellent and renowned personal scent, it's used in fine fragrances (especially those with musky, Oriental notes).

Our exclusive bottle made of special clear neutral glass (0,48 fl. Oz. - 13,5 ml.) exalts the various oils' chromatic properties. The natural colour of each oil is clearly visible - an exclusive characteristic just like the perfume it gives off.

All bottles are fitted with a special, thermo-shrunk, transparent, polymer seal in order to guarantee intactness as required by law.
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