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Oil lamps : productos of high perfumery, incense, essential oils

These stylish oil lamps are simply obtained by attaching oil flasks to our solid brass candle holders.

OIL LAMPS Made of hardened glass (with a solid brass nozzle), they can be attached to any candle, candle holder or candelabra, thus being transformed immediately and unexpectedly into elegant, antique style oil lamps.
The oil flasks are not just stylish ornaments but are genuine, perfectly functional oil lamps. When filled to the brim (and with the wicks properly inserted), they can stay alight for over twelve hours. And what is more, they do not blow out as ordinary candles do when used outside and exposed to the first gust of wind.

And by adding specific colour dye to the burning oil used to fill the flask, you can obtain some very pretty, decorative results as can be seen from the photo included below.


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