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Ultrasonic diffusion: productos of high perfumery, incense, essential oils

This type of device sets the standard when it comes to diffusing perfumed essential oils.

As fans of aromatherapy are well aware, there is no better way to circulate the natural active ingredients found in essential oils without altering them: no better way to achieve full emotional well-being through the sense of smell.

The system is as simple as it is effective: pour regular tap water (go to demo) and very few drops of essential oil into the device. When the device is switched on, and thanks to the low-frequency ultrasonic aimed at it, the water is decomposed into tiny drops, which evaporate immediately, also carrying with them into the air minuscule drops of essential oil: this is how they are thus absorbed into the atmosphere without suffering the classic (and damaging) "heat stress" (i.e. the stress inflicted by common diffusers that use candles and/or electrical resistance).

With this cold-technology device, a precious "medicinal vapour" is obtained while the integrity of the natural active ingredients found in the essential oil(s) is protected as these are in the least corrupted.

The Ultrasonic Diffuser also functions as a good hygrometric regulator (humidifier) for indoor spaces.

It operates silently and has a gracious appearance (thanks to the continuous interchange of different colours). When this is functioning, it optimises oxygenation in the area because it ionises the atmosphere in a process similar to what occurs naturally in forests and near waterfalls and river rapids.

Just six drops of essential oil (and some water) are enough to create a distinct olfactory atmosphere in a room of over 60 m2 for a lot hours!

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