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Eritrean aromatic paper: products of high perfumery, incense, essential oils

ERITREAN AROMATIC PAPER is by far the most famous of all scented burning papers which were once the height of fashion.

ERITREAN SCENTED PAPER After over eighty years, it is still prepared today using thirty-five different resins and balsams (myrrh, frankincense, etc.) from Asia and the Horn of Africa.
When set alight inside rooms it fills the air with a fresh fragrance producing nascent oxygen. And the pleasant “aromatic haze” which is given off when one of the sheets is set alight is both an effective antiseptic as well as a long lasting deodorant and excellent insect repellent.
Moreover when a sheet is placed inside a closet or drawer, it will release a characteristic fresh smell for months and months, lending a pleasant scent to all the items left inside.


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