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USE: room fragrances raw materials for soap and detergents.

Thanks to their special thermoresistant formulation, Talia's room fragrances are ideal for use in humidifiers and standard candle (or electric) diffusers; completely safe, they are particularly effective at neutralising the nasty smells that build up in closed and/or smoky environments.
The series of products in question are suitable for creating, for example, dedicated brand lines (i.e. used as they are), or as raw materials, perfect for making fragrant soaps and/or detergents.

PRODUCT Code Note type 
BALSAMIC FLOW  F.A. 00151  Pine - Camphor 
SEA BREEZE  F.A. 00152  Fresh - airy 
CLASSIC MUSK  F.A. 00153  Oriental - woody 
GREEN IVY  F.A. 00154  Fresh - herby 
WILD GRASS  F.A. 00155  Sweet - Blossom 
FOREST FLOWERS  F.A. 00156  Floral - wild 
LEMON SKIN  F.A. 00157  Fresh - citrus like 
SCOTCH PINE  F.A. 00158  Warm - resiny 
PALE ROSE  F.A. 00159  Rosy - floral 
SOUR FLOWERS  F.A. 00160  Balmy - floral 
TROPICAL SCENT  F.A. 00161  Exotic - fruity 
VANILLA  F.A. 00162  Sweet - vanilla 

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