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(Crysanthemum cinerariaefolium)

Piretrine and Piretroids (main components of Pyrethrum extract) have chemical features that interact with insects'nervous system; at the beginning their action is exciting (these are the known effects as repellents and nest removing), later on they produce a complete paralysis that kills many species of insects.
Beside these characteristics, Pyrethrum (the most effective among insecticides) has also a strong effect against a range of dipteral (mosquitos etc.) and other insects infesting buildings where food is stored, or pets' parasites.
Studies on Pyrethrum toxicity have largely proved that it is a safe chemical, different kinds of animals did not suffer pathological effects from oral, cutaneous or hinalatory administering.
Thus we can consider it non toxic for mammals.
Furthermore due to its photo lability it is safe for the environment.
Due to these features after having being used for about a thousand years in almost every country of the world, Pyrethrum is still in use; a modern and versatile insecticide and insect repellent.
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